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Vista Construction was established in 2003 with a vision of providing International Construction Management & Construction services for especially US Government Projects all over the world. Thanks to the years of vast experience and the strategic alliances with the US, Turkish and International Companies, this vision became a true success story in the time, bringing over 500 Million US Dollar Construction Works to reality. Vista acted in some projects directly as the prime and in some others as a subcontractor for different elements of these projects.

Projects being involved are mainly by the US State Department Overseas Building Operations (OBO) and US Army Corps of Engineers, USAID in countries such as; Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Georgia, Mali, Ghana, Congo, Sri Lanka, Peru, Israel, Malawi, Barbados, Qatar, Iceland and Egypt.

Vista continues to provide construction management and construction services both domestically and internationally and has ongoing operations in real estate development, energy and IT industries.


Year Established


Projects Completed


>$500M +


Awards Won
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